Recently Engaged Vincent Cassel, 51, Was Seen At Paris Fashion Week With 21-Year-Old Fiancée Looking Dashing

June 25, 2018 12:18

Legendary 51-year-old French actor Vincent Cassel has been in a happy relationship with 21-year-old girlfriend Tina Kunakey for almost 2 years now.


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The couple met in the late 2016. Tina was 19 at the time and claims she had no idea about Vincent's fame when they met. Their whirlwind romance quickly developed into a serious relationship and got engaged earlier this May.

Stylish couple

Newly engaged lovebirds have been seen having the time of their lives during the recent Paris Fashion Week.


Beautiful Vincent and Tina coordinated their outfits and looked dashing in white.


They were openly posing together and looked beyond happy and in love.


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At 51 years of age, Cassel still looks youthful and hip. But, of course, it might be his young girlfriend's influence.



Nevertheless, it seems that the actor's life has been transformed with Tina around. This is a true miracle of love.


Who is Tina Kunakey?

The 21-year-old is an aspiring model, and she certainly has what it takes to make it in fashion world.

She's already been noticed by such famous designers as Tommy Hilfiger and Jean Paul Gautier. We see Kunakey having a spectacular career in the future.

Congratulations to Vincent and Tina! What an inspiring and happy couple.

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