You Still Can Get Scolded By Your Grandma, Even If You're In Your 30s, Even If She's The Queen!

June 14, 2018 14:34

In June, most of the United Kingdom tuned in to watch Trooping the Color, celebrating the Queen’s birthday. This year, it was full of unforgettable moments. But although some people still gush over the sweet way Princess Charlotte copied her great-grandma’s wave or discuss the dress worn by Meghan Markle, we still can’t get over an adorable moment that took place at the 2016 ceremony.

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While the royal family was on the balcony, Prince William bent down to his son, Prince George. And apparently, the monarch was not pleased with it.

The cameras captured the moment of Her Majesty scolding her grandchild and asking him to stand up. The second-in-line stood up straight away not to upset his grandma. Meanwhile, his little son did a gesture that resembled a face-palm. We wonder, how would the Queen react to that?

The video was posted on Twitter and YouTube and was shared thousands of times. There are also many comments, ranging from hilarious to negative. While some believe Elizabeth II was rude because she ruined a son/dad moment, others found it adorable and funny.

Besides, many people started reminiscing about their grandparents, calling the Queen a typical grandma that everyone has.

Us Weekly / YouTube

Either way, the lesson learned from it is not to mess with Her Majesty, even if she is your close relative.

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