Dr. Oz Sends A Heartfelt Message Of Support To Alex Trebek Whose Cancer Battle Is Still To Be Continued

September 19, 2019

Earlier this year, Alex Trebek revealed his stage IV pancreatic cancer. He promised his devoted fans that he won't give up. And that's what the Jeopardy! star did until all of his health progress relapsed.

After the first round of chemotherapy, the doctors assured Alex that his disease is in remission. Following the good news, he kickstarted the 36th season of his gameshow.

But, in the latest episode, the host informed the viewers that he was "over-optimistic" about his recovery. The numbers have again spiked against him and he needs more treatment. He has lost 12 pounds of weight in a week already.

Words of encouragement

Dr. Mehmet Oz feels for Alex's tragedy. He reacted to the anchor's announcement that his cancer battle is not over. The cardiac surgeon fully realizes how much it would have disappointed Alex.

As a fellow journalist, he has always considered Trebek a mentor. He adores him for the dedication and compassion he puts into the monetary program. In fact, Oz often admits he is a huge fan of Alex.

The celebrity doctor sent out his support to Alex inclosed in a heartfelt message. He told Access Online:

I don’t think he [Alex] is putting a brave front on. I think he’s made peace that he has a big battle. It’s not a wind sprint, it’s a marathon. And he’s going to keep his eyes looking forward and look for the light.

Dr. Oz admires him

Just like many of us, Mehmet has also grown very fond of Alex over the years. He previously invited him on his talk show. Just watch how Oz complimented his idol. He congratulated him on his show's success and endlessly praised Trebek.

We hope the Canadian host will beat the odds one more time. He is strong and resilient. Share this and keep praying for Alex's health.