Larry Birkhead Is Trying Hard To Make His Daughter Dannielynn Know The Real Anna Nicole Smith

September 16, 2019 22:51

Anna Nicole Smith was known for her flamboyant Playboy career. Her life was the one made for reality shows. It featured inheritance & paternity claims, drugs & weight struggles, and her son’s untimely death. The actress' partner, Larry Birkhead aims to give their daughter a different storyline.

Dannielynn was only 5-months-old when her mother passed away in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The autopsy ruled out any foul play and Anna's cause of death was revealed to be an overdose of prescribed medicines. She was suffering from stomach flu, high fever, and a buttock infection. The former model was only 39 when she expired.

How will she live on in her daughter's mind?

Daily Mail TV's Jesse Palmer had previously visited the Birkhead residence in Louisville, Kentucky. He recollected his time there and disclosed some details of how Larry is bringing up his baby girl.

One of the challenges that the single dad is facing is limiting the information that reaches Dannielynn. He has to filter out what she can read and see on social media about her mother's past.

The rumors published online can contradict Dannielynn's thoughts about her deceased parent. Palmer further shared:

So much of it is true, a lot of it is not true as well. And I think [Larry is] trying to help his daughter understand who her mother was in his memory of her.

Alive through memorabilia

Larry has tokens throughout the house in Anna's memory and in her honor. These items are placed to remind Dannielynn that her mother was loved and is worth remembering. Last year, her father made her wear Nicole's hat to attend annual Kentucky Derby.

Dannielynn looks just like Anna Nicole Smith and desires to rule the showbiz just like her mommy. Fortunately, she has a loving father to navigate her way.