"I Have To Be On Medication My Whole Life": Sofia Vergara Opens Her Heart About Thyroid Cancer And Life After The Diagnosis

September 16, 2019 12:39

Everybody has heard about stunning Sofia Vergara. She's been known for her excellent acting skills. She also has managed to build a staggering success over decades.

In 2017, Sofia Vergara made whooping $41.5 million. She was listed as No.1 on Forbes in the Highest-Paid TV Actresses list. In fact, she’s been on the same very list for the past six years. Impressive, right?

Little did we know the Modern Family star had suffered from thyroid cancer. More than five years ago, the Hollywood star opened up about her health diagnosis to the world.

She was diagnosed with the disease back in 2000 when she was only 28, and hence, she had to have surgery to remove her thyroid completely. Ironically, Vergara was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism —underactive thyroid — and has been taking medication every single day to help control her hormone levels.

The Colombian beauty said:

I got rid of cancer and then for me it was, 'Oh shoot, now I have to live with this condition my whole life… I have to be on medication my whole life and I don't have a thyroid. So, of course, I had to make myself realize what was going on with my body and I have to say in the past ten years, I never had a problem. I’m very very straight with the way I try to do what the doctor says.

Speaking to Doctor Oz in 2018, the 47-year-old revealed how she had overcome insecurities with thyroid cancer to live her best life.

I think the most important is to be educated about what to do ... I've been very strict with myself by taking a pill exactly when I have to take and getting my tests regularly.

Admittedly, every health scare changes people to the core. The Hot Pursuit star didn't want to publicly talk about her thyroid cancer because coping with surgery, treatment, and follow-up appointments were hard enough at the time.

However, she later decided to raise awareness about it. Sofia Vergara said the diagnosis had changed her completely.

When you go through something like this, it's hard, but you learn a lot from it. Your priorities change. You don't sweat the small stuff. And it had a good ending.

She is such a strong person! Not many people know about her struggles, but she truly deserves all the best.