Harry Connick Jr. Stood By His "Most Beautiful" Wife Jill Through Cancer Battle And Is Still Madly In Love With Her

September 6, 2019

Harry Connick Jr. met Jill Goodacre in 1990. He was an up-and-coming musician, and she was one of the most recognizable and beautiful models in the world.

Their chemistry was instant. In an interview with Your Tango, the couple recalled their first meeting. Jill said she knew she wanted to marry Harry "within 30 seconds of meeting him." He also knew she was the one, but decided to take time to know each other:

I thought I wanted to marry her when I first met her. It was just a question of being absolutely sure—we talked about it two years into the relationship, then waited another two years.

Harry and Jill got married in 1994, after 2 years of dating and 2 more years of being engaged. They have three daughters: Georgia Tatum (b. 1996), Sarah Kate (b. 1997), and Charlotte (b. 2002).

Harry and Jill have been through thick and thin together

In 2012, Jill Goodacre was diagnosed with Stage 1 ductal carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer. She immediately underwent a surgery, but her screenings after weren't 100% clear. Jill had to endure a long treatment process, which wasn't easy on the couple.

Harry Connick Jr., who lost his mother to ovarian cancer at the age of 13, got candid with PEOPLE on coming to terms with Jill's diagnosis:

She’s my best friend, and I really don’t know what I would do without her. I was scared I was going to lose her, absolutely. I wasn’t going to let her see that, but I was. I know from losing my mom that the worst can happen.

The famous musician stood by Jill through her cancer battle and never stopped viewing her as "the most beautiful woman in the world."

Thankfully, the illness passed and Goodacre is completely healthy these days.

Harry Connick Jr. reveals a secret to his marriage

With almost 30 years together, Harry Connick Jr. and Jill Goodacre are still madly in love. Harry believes they fit perfectly with each other, which is what makes their union work. As he told PEOPLE:

I think one of the reasons we’ve lasted this long is that we’re so aligned in every way. We have the same morals, the same goals.

In another interview with Fox News, Connick Jr. added about his perfect wife:

I love being around her, I respect her infinitely, and I admire her so much. She's a hero of mine. We just take it day to day, and you know, count our blessings really.

What a beautiful couple they are, don't you agree?