Christopher Reeve's Lookalike Daughter Alexandra Grew Up Into A Beautiful And Incredibly Smart Young Woman

September 10, 2019

Christopher Reeve is best known to the world as the mighty Superman, but behind the scenes he was a devoted father and family man.

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Reeve had three children: a son and a daughter with Gae Exton, and another son with his wife Dana Morosini, who stayed with the famous actor until his demise in 2005.

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Christopher's beautiful daughter remembers growing up with Superman

Alexandra Reeve, Christopher's second child and only daughter, was born in 1983, and today she is a beautiful woman who fondly remembers her father.

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She once recalled her childhood memories in an interview with Fox News:

I have a very strong memory when I was probably four or five years old, and I was riding a bike with him in Central Park, and obviously still needed his support as I was figuring out how to do it. A big crowd of kids rushed up and came to get his attention. I remember so clearly that he picked up his hand from holding the back of my bicycle and turned to the kids to say hi. And I thought, ‘Oh dad, of all the moments to talk to kids, I get the gist, but this is the time to pay attention to me.’

Alexandra was very close with her father, she even considered following in his acting footsteps, but fell in love with law and now she is an Executive Director at Institute for Technology Policy at Georgetown Law.

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Christopher's only daughter isn't only beautiful, but also smart, and the reason for that is actor's parenting. Alexandra said she and her brother grew up in a regular household away from the Hollywood frenzy:

My dad worked so hard to make sure that as kids we still had a normal life. We didn’t live in a Hollywood bubble. We lived in the suburbs outside New York and had a very regular upbringing of school, doing your homework — very strict rules. After my dad’s accident, he made sure that our routines stayed the same.

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Alexandra Reeve is also on the Board of Directors of Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Alexandra named her firstborn after her famous father

In 2015, Alexandra Reeve welcomed her first child with husband Garren Givens. The couple's representative shared with PEOPLE at the time:

[The boy] was named after his grandfathers on each side, two very important role models for Garren and Alexandra.

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Christopher Reeve would've been incredibly proud of his wonderful daughter.