College Admissions Scandal: ‘Desperate Housewives’ Star Felicity Huffman Sentenced To 14 Days In Prison

September 16, 2019 13:17

Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for her involvement in the nationwide college admissions cheating scandal. The Desperate Housewives star is among celebrities involved in the massive scam.

Felicity opens up about shame

The Desperate Housewives star got candid about the shame she felt for her role in the college admissions cheating scandal. Before the sentence, Felicity opened up about shame in a letter to the judge.

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She wrote:

I don't write this letter to you in any way to justify my wrongdoing, my guilt or to avoid conscious acceptance of the consequences. In my desperation to be a good mother, I talked myself into believing that all I was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot.

Going to prison

On Friday, Judge Indira Talwani in a federal courtroom in Boston sentenced the Desperate Housewives actress to 14 days behind bars. Felicity in addition to her 14-day sentencing was fined $30,000 by the judge.

She would be on supervised release for one year and do 250 hours of community service.

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Judge Talwani said the mother of two must begin her incarceration within 60 days. Felicity’s lawyer Martin Murphy asked that the actress serve her time in a Dublin, Calif. correctional institution that is close to her home.

Prior to sentencing, Huffman addressed the judge tearfully, saying:

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I am deeply sorry to the parents, students, colleges, and universities who have been impacted by my actions. I am sorry to my daughter Sophia, my daughter Georgia and to my husband Bill. I have betrayed them all.

Back in May, the actress pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud after she was arrested for allegedly paying $15,000 to rig her daughter's SAT scores to get her into an elite school.

Legal expert talks about Felicity Huffman's sentencing

Speaking to Us Weekly, a legal expert Neama Rahmani said that the actress’ 14-day sentencing is unheard of. The former United States attorney said:

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A 14-day prison sentence is almost unheard of in federal prison sentences because sentences are always handed down in months or years, not days. I have never heard of a sentence of fewer than 30 days in a federal case. Maybe the judge felt pressure in this case.

The actress is facing the consequences of her actions. Do you think she deserves the 14-day sentencing?