Roald Dahl And Patricia Neal's Daughter, Tessa Talks About Her Relationship With Parents: "My Mother And I Were Like Sparring Twins"

October 8, 2019 18:05

Tessa Dahl is getting candid about her difficult relationship with her parents. She is the daughter of famous author Roald Dahl and award-winning actress Patricia Neal.

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Her blessed life

According to the former actress, she has a blessed life. As a daughter of Hollywood celebrities, she married a kind and wealthy man. Tessa went on to have a successful career as an author of children’s books and had four children.

Sadly, all this wasn’t enough for Tessa. She needed to deaden her feelings and began abusing prescriptions.

Difficult relationship

Tessa is opening up about having a difficult relationship with her parents from a young age after a series of tragedies struck the once very happy family.

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The author’s baby brother, Theo was injured badly in an accident, her sister, Olivia died from measles, and her mother, Patricia suffered a series of strokes while pregnant with the last child, Ophelia. In an interview, she said:

My mother and I were like sparring twins. Together, we were sent to a child psychiatrist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Everyone was secretive about it, but I remember being disappointed that he didn’t have a chaise longue like the cartoons in The New Yorker.

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The former actress continued:

I had definitely developed narcissistic character disorders, too. I was raised by narcissistic parents, taught that the parents are always right and that you are the one who is wrong.

Losing motivation

Tessa, who lives an unhappy life, says she lost her motivation when her dad died. The former actress had spent years moving from one clinic or rehab center to another until the money ran out. She said.

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Until dad died I had managed to make my life a good one to prove myself to him – to prove I was as worthy of life as my adored sister Olivia, who died when we were young. But once I lost him I lost my motivation.

Tessa Dahl was once a successful author but her life got plagued by tragedy. We hope she finds the strength to move on and be happy.