‘Hart To Hart’ Star Stefanie Powers Candidly Speaks About Losing Her Great Love William Holden: "That Was A Very, Very Tragic Period"

October 1, 2019

Stefanie Powers opened up about the time when she lost her great love actor William Holden. The Hart to Hart star was in a 9-year relationship with the American film star who was 24 years older than her.

Their relationship

Stefanie Powers' relationship with William started when she was going through a painful divorce from her husband, Gary Lockwood. The pair first met at Dominick Dunne’s New Year’s Eve party.

Years later they met again at a shop in Beverly Hills. By this time Holden was already divorced from his wife and there was nothing stopping them from being together. She recalled that William remained discreet and behaved like a gentleman.

“Very tragic period”

The Hart to Hart star is opening up about William Holden’s death. In an interview with Daily Mail, the actress didn’t hide her emotions about the loss. She said:

That was a very, very tragic period But Hart To Hart was mid-series — and the show had to go on. 'We had an obligation; we didn't have much choice.

Holden died back in 1981 after he tripped and hit his head in his Santa Monica apartment. At the time of his death, the actress had split from the actor as she could no longer cope with his addiction.

Though they spoke every day, Stefanie heard the news of his death on the car radio. Despite been married twice, Holden was regarded as the love of her life.

Most important human in her life

According to Stefanie, William was the most important person in her life. During an appearance on Eileen Prose’s show, she said: “He really was the most important single human being in my life during a very important period.”

We had no idea what Stefanie Powers felt at that moment of her life. But as the time heals all wounds, the actress can help other people that also suffer from the grief of losing loved ones.