59-Year-Old Simon Cowell Сlaims His Young Son Eric Is The Reason For His Impressive Weight Loss

August 22, 2019

Simon Cowell recently surprised fans with his impressive weight loss. The talent show judge showed off his new body on America's Got Talent’s the red carpet ahead of the show’s quarter-finals.

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Cowell looked as happy as ever, sporting a healthy glow and a fit figure. The music mogul jokingly said that a year ago he was an 8 on the scale of handsomeness, now he’s 11.

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But what prompted the TV judge to lose weight?

He got inspired by his son

Simon Cowell shared with ET’s correspondent, Denny Directo, that his 5-year-old son Eric was the inspiration behind the judge’s desire to get back in shape.

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The 59-year-old revealed that his son saw Terry Crews’ famous pec move and asked why Simon can’t do it. Cowell shared:

My son Eric said to me, [when] Terry was doing the pec thing, he said, 'Daddy, how come you can't do the pec thing?' I said, 'That one I can't keep up with. Well, I'll need a couple of years at least, but I'll do my best.

Of course, it’s not the only reason Simon decided to go through a body transformation. He previously said that doctors warned him he had elevated blood pressure, which means he now has to watch his diet.

Nonetheless, we are certain Cowell also wanted to make his son proud. The X-factor superhero once noted that becoming a parent for the first time changed his ‘perspective on life’ and made him a happier person. Who knew Cowell would make such a great father!