Michael Bublé's Viral Clip For A New Song Is Having Parents In Tears: “Don’t Watch It If You Are In Public Place”

September 11, 2019 10:25

Michael Bublé is known for being a loving dad. The singer and his gorgeous wife Luisana are raising three children together and feel blessed every day for having them.

The 44-year-old says his family is his ‘armor’ that helps him to handle hardships, especially when it comes to dealing with his son’s previous cancer battle.

In 2016, the Bublé family faced the most difficult challenge of their lives. Michael and Luisana's 3-year-old son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Luckily, in 2017 the little boy was cancer-free but the devastating experience left an unforgettable mark on his parents' lives.

Recently, Michael broke the Internet after posting a clip for his new song, Forever Now.

Make sure you have tissues ready

Bublé’s video for a new song is currently the talk of the Internet. Sweet ballad Forever Now which tells about kids growing up is having parents everywhere in tears.

The video shows how a child’s room is changing throughout the years from a nursery to packed boxes. It’s all too familiar for parents as they know how fast the time flies. It’s one of the sweetest songs we’ve ever heard and the video is just as touching. Check it for yourself!

The singer admitted he, too, can’t listen to the song and watch the video without tearing up. He was said it’s the best thing he’s ever written and we wholeheartedly agree.