Plastic Surgeons Accuse ‘Natural’ Beauty Nicole Kidman Of Having ‘Impressive Breast Augmentation’ And Facelift

September 6, 2019

Nicole Kidman is a real beauty, there’s no doubt in that. However, her face and body have been the subject of speculation for quite a while.

Many people are convinced the Australian superstar had plastic surgery which, consequently, ruined her face.

However, even the top surgeons are now claiming that the beauty we see when we look at Nicole is not all real.

She’s been under the knife

The object of admiration for many women and one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood reportedly got herself a new pair of breasts.

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After examining the actress’ latest photos, two top doctors claim that she made some alterations to her chest area. Dr. Anthony Youn commented:

It appears she has had a pretty impressive breast augmentation. I suspect that she’s gone from a big or small B to a full C [cup size].

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Youn’g colleague, Dr. Fred Pescatore, agreed by saying:

She hasn’t aged that much or gotten heavy so I feel they look like nice small implants.

Previously, Kidman admitted she had Botox but it prevented her from moving her face in a normal way so she had to get rid of it.

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Now, the 52-year-old claims she’s ‘completely natural.’ But is she though?