Penny Lancaster Candidly Talks About Her Peculiar Relationship With Rod Stewart's Ex-Wives: "When I Met Rod, I Realized It Wasn’t Just Us"

September 5, 2019

Not long ago, the music legend Rod Stewart surprised his fans with an unusual photograph. On the snap, the 74-year-old was pictured with 4 gorgeous women: 3 of his exes and a current wife, Penny.

Stewart celebrated one of his daughter’s birthday and decided that the whole family should gather together for such a special occasion. But what it’s like for Penny to be surrounded by women her husband used to love?

Friends with exes

The former model had a candid chat with Lorraine where she talked about Rod Stewart and his former lovers. The 48-year-old admitted she knew her famous husband comes with a lot of baggage but she managed to make it work with his exes.

She explained:

When I met Rod, I realized it wasn’t just us, it was the children, the ex-wives.

Penny revealed she had to demonstrate to the whole Stewart family she was genuine and ‘show kindness’ to other women in her husband’s life.

Whatever Lancaster did definitely worked. Previously Rod noted that his wife is the one who holds his blended family together.

The singer admits his children were skeptical about Penny at first, thinking that she only wants Stewart’s money, but she proved that Rob’s love is all she needs. The rock star comments:

She won them all over and they all adore her now.

Well done, Penny! She sets a great example to other people who have to deal with their partners’ exes.