Couple Goals: Famous Country Singer Kix Brooks And His Amazing Wife Know What A Blissful Marriage Is After Almost 40 Years Together

October 9, 2019

Kix Brooks is one half of the country duo Brooks & Dunn alongside his partner Ronnie Dunn. They had an amazing collaboration that lasted for twenty years, until 2010, when both of them decided to try a solo career. In 2019, these two great singers were selected for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

But despite their success on stage, they have something else to be proud of - their long-lasting happy marriages!

Couple goal!

Kix Brooks is a happily married man with a beautiful, supportive wife of 38 years.

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Kix Brooks met his future wife, Barabara, in 1979 before he was a famous Nashville country music star in Maine.

Barbara owned a fabric store and Brooks had traveled there to help his sister with her family business.

“I’m from Boston, but I moved to Maine after college and had a fabric store there,”

- Barbara said.

“Kix was there, having left his native Louisiana to help his sister and brother-in-law at their fledgling ad agency.”

Although the man had to move the following year to Nashville to follow his monumental music career, the love that blossomed between the two young people survived the long distance and the couple was married in 1981.

Kix has two kids with his wife. He has a daughter named Molly Brooks and a son named Eric Brooks.

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They are still into each other after 40 years of marriage!

His wife, Barbara keeps on encouraging him to do wonders even in his late 50’s. They are completely into each other and there is no sign of divorce or any problems in their blissful marriage.

Their relationship survived even through times when the singer became famous:

“Kix’s fame came when he was a little older,”

Barbara Brooks told Country Weekly,

“so he already had a strong sense of himself. I don’t see very many changes in him.”

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Moreover, the fact that Brooks' career required him to leave his family at home while he basically lived on a tour bus also didn't change a thing for them. Their love stands strong for almost 40 years and the man admits:

“All married couples argue, but honestly, in 20 years, Barbara and I have never had a fight. And I can count the arguments on one hand.”

They have sustained their relationship for thirty-eight long years and we are pretty sure they will spend the rest of their life together. They are the real-life couple goals!