Anne Bancroft & Mel Brooks' Son Suffered From Dyslexia But Now He Is All Grown Up And Talented Just Like His Parents

September 20, 2019

Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks share a beautiful love story and a wonderful son. Max Brooks is not only a spitting image of his celebrity parents, he has followed in their footsteps as well.

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Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks: perfect match

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft’s love story has spanned decades. They both had failed marriages which resulted in painful divorces, but after all, the spouses have found something truly precious – real love.

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Once, Mel Brooks joked on his unique chemistry with his fabulous wife. While working on the film To Be Or Not To Be, they spent days and nights together.

Mel said:

How many people could stand their wives for 24 hours? I could cry now. She was easy ... she was fun ... I liked her so much. I couldn't get enough of her.

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Who is Max Brooks?

Anne and Mel are the proud parents of son Max, who is just a carbon copy of both of them. Max is a writer and actor.

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Fans know Max for his appearance in Melrose Place, Roseanne, and Justice League. His voice has been featured in Batman Beyond and All Dogs Go to Heaven.

For several years, Max was a member of the writing team of the iconic show Saturday Night Live. So many talents in one person! That’s what we call “perfect genes”!

Max looks just like his handsome father in his young years. Brooks junior has also inherited his beautiful mother’s charming smile.

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Max recalls his dyslexia diagnosis

As a teenager, Max was diagnosed with dyslexia. Later, the young man opened up on all the difficulties he faced while struggling with the condition.

Max explained:

Dyslexia, in the late 70s, 1980s, was unheard of. Dyslexia was - they didn't even call it a disability back then. It was just laziness, goofing off.

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Max added that only thanks to his doting mother, he could overcome his condition. Anne Bancroft had to teach herself about dyslexia to help her teenage son. Max said that only due to his mother, he graduated from high school.

As a loving son, Max keeps praising his mother:

My mother, one of the greatest, most successful actresses of her day, gave up her career, put her career on the shelf to raise me… I can literally say that not only did my mother give me my life, she saved my life.

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Max is vivid proof that Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks did their best as parents. They can be deservedly proud of their grown-up, talented, and wonderful son.