‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host And Dad-Of-Five Chuck Woolery Divorced 3 Times Before Finding Love Again In His 60s

October 8, 2019 12:51

Wheel of Fortune host Chuck Woolery had to come through 3 failed marriages until he met the love of his life, his current wife Kim. Was it hard for Chuck to dive into a new relationship when he was already 65? Let’s find out.

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Three failed marriages

Chuck Woolery is one of the most recognized game hosts on American television. He is best-known for hosting such iconic shows as Wheel of Fortune, Love Connection, and Scrabble.

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Chuck’s personal life is no less interesting than his career achievements. The host has been married 4 times.

Woolery married his first wife Margaret when he was 20. The spouses have been blessed with 3 kids. Sadly, but their son Chad died from a motorcycle accident. Chuck and Margaret divorced after 10 years of marriage. Some people claimed their son’s demise could be one of the reasons for their separation.

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A year later, Woolery remarried. With his second wife Ann, Chuck shared one daughter. The spouses filed for divorce in 1982 after a decade of marriage.

Ann commented on their separation:

Chuck and I are both happier being divorced friends than married enemies.

After 3 years of single life, Woolery married for the third time. With his third wife, the host has two sons. After 19 years of the seem-to-be happy marriage, the pair called it quits.

Chuck said at that time:

She said she needed to find herself - that's as far as she took it.

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No. 4 was a lucky number

Chuck met his fourth and current wife Kim on a blind date in 2003. The couple doesn’t have kids of their own.

Woolery couldn’t believe he would find new love again in his 60s. But he did! Kim is on good terms with her husband’s children from previous marriages. Chuck still doesn’t stop gushing about his beloved Kim during their rare public appearances.

Son’s loss

Chuck Woolery is a doting father of 5 kids. Unfortunately, the host lost one of his sons in a tragic accident. Chad was just 19 years old when he died in a motorcycle crash.

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Woolery was devastated after the tragedy:

When Chad died, I was crushed. Something died with me that could never be replaced.

He added:

My Christian faith is probably the single thing that got me through this.

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Chuck Woolery proved that it’s possible to find love in your 60s and to move on even when you think your life will never get back to normal. Chuck and his family deserve to be happy.