Common Ground Of The First Ladies: Melania Trump & Michelle Obama Are Actually Similar In Many Ways

September 18, 2019

The media is always comparing the current and the former First Ladies. Their differences are already put on full display. From the way they talk to their aspirations, Melania Trump and Michelle Obama's personalities are distinct. But, if we only look closely, we will realize there is a lot of common ground the two of them share.

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The Cheat Sheet magazine has suggested some striking similarities between Michelle and Melania. The following aspects of them perfectly match with one another.

1. They both have ventures separate from their spouses

According to CNN reports, Melania Trump pursues independent agendas from her husband, Mr. Trump. The same happened with Michelle while in the White House.

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2. Both ladies have a unique sense of style that Americans admire

Many have observed how Michelle is embracing the glitter and shimmer in her clothing. Such fashion inclination has bagged her a lot of support from the designer industry. On the other hand, Melania has roots in modeling world which still influences her dressing choices. She is a trendsetter!

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3. They had opened the White House's doors for their parents

When Melania moved in the White House, her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knav helped her adjust. While Michelle's mom. Marian remained there the entire time Mr. Obama held the office. She took care of her granddaughters and supported them.

4. Both of them are devoted mothers

Melania Trump reportedly picks up and drops Barron to school herself. She is a hands-on mom and the same is heard about Michelle.

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5. Michelle and Melania advocate for healthy eating

Mr. Obama's wife promoted the schools to make nutritious food a part of their lunch menu. She advised them to restrict the use of salts and fats. While meeting children in the White House's backyard, Melania had also urged the students to eat more fruits and veggies.

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6. Both of them are well in height

Well, not to ignore the physical attributes! Michelle and Melania both are fairly tall, 5'7 feet to be exact.

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7. They both came from humble backgrounds

Michelle Obama was born to working-class parents who lived in the South of Chicago. Melania's family lived well in Sevnica, Slovenia but, under Communist rule. They both had the potential to grow out of their towns.

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8. They both moved to Washington D.C from the major U.S cities

When Mr. Obama took office, Michelle was a working mom, juggling between her career and motherhood. It took her sometime after shifting her daughters from Chicago to the nation's state. Same happened with Melania who got transferred from New York along with her son, Barron.

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9. Both of them have won more public approval than their husbands

Politico reported in 2009 that Mrs. Obama had three percentage points on Barack in terms of favorable ratings. Similarly, Trump's wife is the most popular member of the whole Trump clan.

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10. Both the women sent their children to private schools

Barron Trump became the first presidential heir to ever study at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland. While Sasha and Malia remained enrolled at Sidwell Friends when their father was in power.

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Can you suggest any more equivalence between Michelle and Melania? We can! Both of them are incredibly influential and are striving hard to make the world a better place. Kudos to them!