Meghan McCain Says Ivanka & Jared Kushner "Aren't Good People" After Reports Of Trump Infighting

September 11, 2019

Recently, The Atlantic published a lengthy account of the Trump family. Writer McKay Coppins explained how they rose to power and what are their current political aspirations. Moreover, he also mentioned infighting in the White House that has pulled everyone's focus out.

The journalist claimed that Ivanka and her elder brother, Don Jr. are engaged in a cold war to win their dad's favor. She is President Trump's right hand and an aide while his son is just a serial campaigner. But, Donald Trump Jr. is ultimately the natural heir to the empire.

To secure their spot, Ivanka and Don allegedly plant false stories about each other. The First Daughter's husband, Jared Kushner is constantly hanging out with POTUS for the same purpose.

It's the talk of the town

The White House representatives announced the story to be null and void. However, the news traveled fast and eventually to Meghan McCain's ear whose late father had a rivalry with the Trump clan. On The View show, she and her co-hosts discussed whether it is true or not. John McCain's daughter fully believes it and find the article "illuminating".

Anchor Abby Huntsman felt sorry for the Trump children. They were brought up in a tabloid swirl of their father’s own making. So, such kind of competition was inevitable. That's where Meghan cut in to say:

No offense, they [Ivanka & Jared] crashed my dad’s funeral. They get nothing from me. They’re not good people.

People had partial support for Meghan

When it comes to media, nothing is entirely true or false. But, will you take Meghan's word for it and trust her judgment?