Class Act! Hillary Clinton Showed Off Her New Trendier & Shorter Haircut As She Visited Venice Biennale

September 23, 2019

On Tuesday, September 10, Hillary Clinton attended an art exhibit in Venice, Italy. Her leaked emails that had been a political talking point between 2009 & 2013, have become a part of American history. It was put on display for all the public to view.

The former secretary of state went to admire the work of poet and artist Kenneth Goldsmith herself. He has compiled them in an artsy way for a project. Hillary was photographed sitting at a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk, stacked with her own printed messages. She spent an hour going through 62,000 pages of it.

Her latest look

Hillary had employed private email servers instead of Governmental ones during her tenure. President Donald Trump had exposed her for conveying confidential information so openly. Former FBI Director James Comey had rebuked her and her aides for being this careless.

Now, it's all light humor as she has transformed greatly since then. Hillary posted her photo on Instagram and recapped the incident with a funny caption.

The biggest change we noticed in the 71-year-old diplomat is not only her improved confidence but, also her looks. Hillary debuted even shorter hair at the museum. She looked more fresh, younger and absolutely radiant. The blue dress, cheerful smile and sophisticated persona prepped her to face the world bravely.

People are in awe of her


Awesome 😍😍🌟


We don’t deserve you.


U r amazing and a light for us all


Hillary...you are still awesome!


Love u Madame President!

Hillary Clinton is such an incredible woman. It seems she's slowly entering the fashion scene too. Share this and let us know if you liked her trendy haircut.