Dennis Quaid Just Got Engaged To His Girlfriend, Laura Savoie Who Is 39 Years Younger Than Him

October 21, 2019

Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie just got engaged. He's been married 3 times in his life and has three children with two of his ex-wives. Despite failures, the actor had never counted out the possibility of tying the knot again.

He was previously associated with Santa Auzina who was 32-year-old. The couple was last spotted together in January when Dennis and she watched the Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams game at NFC. After their apparent spit, The Intruder star was quick to move on. Dennis Quaid's engagement news came completely out of the blue!

He's a soon-to-be groom!

Earlier in June, Laura Savoie's Instagram feed confirmed she's dating the 65-year-old A-lister. They were seen hugging and kissing each other in the photos. The girl is a 26-year-old Ph.D. student at the University of Texas who recently became famous as Dennis Quaid's girlfriend.

A close source informed US Weekly that the two lovebirds have become officially committed to one another. Laura Savoie presumably got proposed during a Hawaiin getaway and she's now, Dennis Quaid's fiance. On Friday, October 18, the pair was photographed paddleboarding on Waikiki Beach.

The bride-to-be is 39 years younger than her impending husband.

People are skeptical about their relationship

Do you think the actor is at fault for marrying a woman with such a massive age gap? Or maybe love doesn't measure that up? Share this and congratulate the couple.

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