Elton John Talks About His Turbulent Relationship With His "Raving Sociopath" Mother: "She Hated Anyone Being Closer To Me Than She Was"

October 8, 2019

Elton John and his mother Sheila Farebrother had a far-from-perfect relationship.

Sheila passed away in 2017 at the age of 92 and for years prior to that, she barely spoke to her rock legend son. According to People, the pair had resumed contact shortly before her death after a long feud that began in 2008.

A complicated relationship

In his soon-to-be-released memoir titled Me, Elton John talked about his turbulent relationship with his mother and gave an example of how she nearly ruined his civil partnership to partner David Furnish in 2005.

In an excerpt from the book obtained by DailyMail, Elton recalled how his mother had shown up at the event "in character as a raving sociopath."

When she arrived, she refused to leave the car, Elton wrote. Eventually, after much cajoling, Sheila agreed to come in but sat "stony-faced." Things escalated as time went on and Elton recalled feeling disappointed.

The most important day of my life and one of Mum’s moods appeared to be upon us.

Elton would later learn that Sheila had called David's parents earlier in order to put a stop to the civil partnership ceremony. The famous singer tried to explain why his mom must have been so vindictive.

She had never been homophobic. As ever, I think the real problem was that she hated anyone being closer to me than she was.

Elton and Sheila's rift continued to grow deeper as the years went by and he admitted that by 2010, he began "actively avoiding" his mother and they "weren't speaking at all."


Many people sympathized with the singer over having such a difficult mother who didn't care for his happiness.

But, there were those who chose to criticize him.

Regardless of people's opinion, Elton John chose to speak his own truth and share his own story. This is quite commendable.