Baby No. 9! Sean And Rachel Duffy Welcome A Daughter With A Heart Defect And Down's Syndrome: "She Is The Sweetest, Most Perfect Thing"

October 9, 2019 12:20

The Duffy brood is pretty huge. The FOX Nation host Rachel Campos-Duffy announced she was pregnant with a ninth child back in May 2019. The happy mother took to Instagram to share exciting news by sharing the video of her sonogram and adding a lovely caption:

Buckingham Palace isn't the only one with big baby news …we found out God isn't done with our family yet. Baby #9 coming this fall!

Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.), welcomed a baby girl, whom they called Valentina StellaMaris, on Monday, October 7. She was born one month before the due date.

The parents-of-nine candidly revealed their daughter was born with Down's Syndrome and a heart defect. Back in August, they already knew about her heart condition and admitted they would step down from Congress to take care of her.

The doting mother Rachel shared a sweet snap of the sleeping newborn and wrote a lengthy candid message:

Valentina was born with a heart defect (2 holes in the heart and valves that need to be fixed). She will need surgery in 3-4 months. As we suspected, Valentina was also born with an extra chromosome, which means she also has Downs Syndrome. That extra chromosome certainly made her EXTRA cute. Life is wonderful!!

She is so adorable! Rachel wrote that her kids were 'fighting' between each other who will be the first to hold their sibling.

I don’t blame them! She’s the sweetest, most perfect angel we have ever seen.

Compos-Duffy also thanked everybody who prayed for her little girl Valentina.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Valentina all these months - your prayers were never felt more than in the crazy hours before her emergency birth.

People's reactions

@Joyce Carney:

So much love and prayers to all of your family! She is absolutely beautiful and precious!! Congratulations on the blessed new addition to your family. ❤🙏❤🙏❤❤

@Helen McDonough:

My goodness woman you were born to be a mother..you are radiating gorgeousness and grace..congratulations on your beautiful family.

@Franco Celseti:

Beautiful family indeed. God's blessings be with the whole family as they celebrate and shower love on their new sister 🙏🏻

@Kerri Elizabeth:

Congratulations to the Duffy family💗 Valentina is absolutely devine💖 Your lives and hearts have just transcended into the most magical realm of pride, joy, laughter and LOVE. I know, I have lived it everyday for the last 19years. Welcome and congrats 💞💞

@Susie Graham:

Oh my goodness gracious... look at this beautiful family and their new addition. Just magnificent, totally blessed and adorable. Congratulations everyone.

May God grant the best for the Duffy family! Congratulations to the couple on having such a sweet angel!