Kris Jenner's Younger Sister Had An Expensive Surgery To Look Exactly Like The Famous Momager

August 9, 2019

Reality TV star Kris Jenner has had an estranged relationship with her younger sister Karen Houghton for years. The mother of six has been getting bashed for the poor treatment of Karen.

The famous momager has a sister

Many people are not aware Kris Jenner has a younger sister named Karen Houghton. However, the two have a complicated relationship and don’t keep in touch. People speculate that because Kris is managing a muti-million-dollar empire she is too busy for her only sibling.

As it turns out, Karen lives near their mother in San Diego, which is just about 140 miles away from Kris' Calabassas home. Kris is known for openly supporting all her children but chooses to remain silent when it comes to Karen and instead ignores her.

Kris Jenner’s new lookalike

According to Inside Edition, Karen Houghton had a 5-hour facelift surgery to make her look exactly like a famous older sister. It was reported that the results of Karen's surgery were incredible as her double chin was gone and her cheekbones were more defined.

Looking at the results of the surgery, Karen was overjoyed saying:

I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would.

Before the surgery, Kris’s sister explained why she wanted to go under the knife. She said:

Certain angles of my face were just not what I wanted. No one wants a double chin… I want to be a little more beautiful.

Karen had an auralyft done by plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei of the Beverly Hills Center. According to the doctor, auralyft is the most expensive facelift in the world.

As the only sibling of the famous momager, Karen has never appeared in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or at any of their events. It was reported that Kris allegedly tries to keep her sister out of the spotlight in order to protect her family’s image.

She never visited her sister at the hospital

Though Kris and Karen have had a complicated relationship over the years, the reality star is alleged not to have visited her ailing sister in the hospital.

Karen Houghton celebrated her birthday with her daughter while in the hospital for a treatment that was not disclosed. Kris failed to publicly acknowledge her sister’s special day despite regularly sharing posts of other family members and friends.

It’s sad how fame affects family relations. Hopefully, Kris and Karen will mend their relationship.