“Dad, This Is You Having A Laugh”: Roger Moore's Daughter Deborah Shared How Her Late Father 'Sends Her Signs From Beyond The Grave'

September 17, 2019 13:07

Deborah Moore, daughter of the legendary actor Roger Moore is opening up on how her late father sends her signs from beyond the grave.

007 legend

Roger Moore best known for his role as James Bond passed away in 2017 at the age of 89 after a short battle with cancer. He starred in seven Bond films including The Man With The Golden Gun, Live and Let Die, and A View to a Kill.

The legendary actor was also famous for his role in The Persuaders and The Saint. He was well known for his humanitarian work and as a goodwill ambassador.

Signs from beyond the grave

The daughter of James Bond star, Deborah Moore has revealed how the ghost of her late father, Roger Moore visits from beyond the grave.

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Though the actor is no longer alive the actress said she often sees signs that her dad is always looking out for her.

Deborah recalled one of the times she got a sign while rushing to Sainsbury’s store about a month ago. She said:

There was no one in the street and this little Japanese man in his trainers came up to me with this mobile phone. He started pointing at it, going, ‘MI5, MI5, James Bond, James Bond, MI5?’

Deborah continued:

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I said, ‘Are you looking for the MI5 building?’ He went, ‘Yeah, yeah, James Bond, 007’. “Now, of all the people to come up to in the street, it’s me. I was like, ‘Dad, this is you having a laugh’. So, there’s all these little things which always make it feel as though he’s around me.

The actress who made her debut into acting as a child in the series The Persuaders alongside her famous dad was with him in his final days before he died.

Growing up with a famous dad

Deborah opened up on what type of father the James Bond actor was and how it was like growing up. According to her Roger was a very kind man, who always tried to see the fun in everything. As it turns the actor was a real gentleman and a brilliant father who thought his children many precious life lessons.

The legendary actor would forever remain in the heart of his daughter who loved him very much.