Diana Ross’ Daughter Rhonda Thought Robert Silberstein Was Her Father But As A Teen She Found Out The Truth - Berry Gordy Was Her Real Dad

August 23, 2019

We all know Diana Ross as a talented singer, incredible actress, and a successful record producer. But not many are familiar with her other much softer side – she is a doting mom to 5 wonderful children.

Ross’ kids are all mixed-raced and have different fathers as they came out of loving relationships Diana had with 3 different men.

However, one of Diana’s kids’ life completely changed when she found out the real truth about her biological father.

Two dads

Diana Ross’ daughter Rhonda called Robert Silberstein ‘daddy’ all her childhood. But as it turned out, he wasn’t her real father.

When Rhonda was 12, she started noticing she didn’t look like her sisters, Tracee and Chudney Lane. She voiced her observations to Diana who decided that it’s time to tell her daughter the truth.

Silberstein wasn’t Rhonda’s biological father but Berry Gordy was. Gordy was Diana’s mentor and a friend of the family.

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After that, Rhonda‘s life changed. She talked to Berry and the two started a completely different relationship, as a father and a daughter.

Now Rhonda maintains a close relationship with both of her dads – the one who raised her and the one who gave her life.

She often shares photographs of herself spending time with Gordy and Silberstein. Rhonda managed to keep her big family together as she says that ‘with love, you can get over any obstacle’ and it’s hard to argue with that statement.