Fans Are Worried About Kelly Ripa As She Skips Her Show Due To Feeling Really Sick, Ryan Seacrest Revealed

September 20, 2019 13:02

When many Americans turned their TV on to watch Live with Kelly and Ryan, they noticed that one crucial member of the program was missing – Kelly Ripa was nowhere to be seen.

Ryan Seacrest was the only one carrying out the show while millions of viewers wondered where Kelly is.

Ryan was talking about his Thanksgiving plans, trying his best to entertain the audience but it was evident that he needed Kelly by his side.

Seacrest later revealed that his co-host had to go home because she was feeling really sick.

What happened to Kelly?

Kelly Ripa has hosted the morning talk show since 2001 and she has rarely missed it, not counting scheduled vacations. But this time she was sent home because she was feeling really unwell.

Ripa’s co-host Ryan Seacrest explained that it was a last-minute decision:

She was here a few minutes ago and we just said, ‘Go feel better.’ We wish you well, Kelly. Get better soon. We will miss you for this hour.

Seacrest kept the show going and managed to make everything run smoothly despite Ripa’s absence.

Fans send their well-wishes

We don’t know what is wrong with Kelly yet but we will keep you posted.