Kevin Costner Does All He Can To Make His Younger Wife Of 16 Years Happy: "I Want To Be Something For Her"

October 21, 2019 17:07

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner have been married for 16 years. However, the road to a happy marriage was not easy for the Hollywood star.

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Costner’s crazy lifestyle made him the main subject of the tabloids, forcing him swim in the pool of rumors.

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But when the actor, who admitted he had to overcome the “fear of settling down,” met Baumgartner, the bitter divorce and the numerous affairs were left in the past.

Kevin Costner’s wife is a lucky woman

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner might seem like an odd pair for some as Christine is 19 years younger than Kevin. But it’s never been a problem for them.

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In fact, having a younger former model as a wife makes Costner work harder on himself. He commented recently:

I play hard and I try to take care of myself.

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The actor assured he is fully dedicated to Baumgartner and tries to make her as happy as he can, saying:

I want to be something for her. I want to stay interested in life.

The couple has three children together, two sons and a daughter, who make Kevin ‘stay relevant.’ The actor actually has 4 more children: 3 kids from his first marriage to Cindy Silva and 1 son from his short-lived relationship with Bridget Rooney.

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Costner previously revealed he didn’t want to have more children but he realized that he might lose Christine because of that. Now the legendary actor is a happy father to 3 young kiddos whom he loves dearly.

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