PR Expert Urges The Palace To Boost Meghan Markle's "Motherly Image" To Protect Her From Terrible "Mum Shaming"

August 12, 2019

After joining the royal family, Meghan Markle has become the biggest target for the press and social media trolls. She has been criticized for every single step she does, especially after becoming a mother for the first time.

People online roasted the Duchess after her recent appearance with her son Archie for carrying the baby boy like ‘a sack of potatoes.’

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The online hatred raised a level so high that a PR expert urged the Palace to intervene and do something about Meghan’s ‘motherly image.’

The Duchess needs help

A PR expert, Tom Bourlet, believes the Duchess of Sussex needs help in fighting back social media’s criticism. Bourlet thinks Meghna has become a victim of “mum shaming” and the Palace needs to do something about that.

The expert commented:

There certainly seems to be an agenda against her within a group on social, especially on Twitter, with her every action ridiculed, almost pointing towards a break from tradition.

Even though the royal family members are usually instructed not to respond to nasty comments, Bourlet thinks the Buckingham Palace needs to work on creating a new PR campaign to improve Meghan’s “motherly image”.

The expert suggests using Archie as a PR tool in a careful way:

There can certainly be an improved strategy on demonstrating her great skills as a mother in a careful and delicate way so that they aren’t simply using Archie like a PR tool.

It must be hard for Meghan to know what the media says about her and not being able to defend herself. Experts believe she struggles with ‘strict’ protocol rules but we hope she will find a way to redeem her public image.