End Of An Era! Nancy O'Dell Says Goodbye To ‘Entertainment Tonight’ As A Co-Host After 9 Years

August 5, 2019 15:47

Nancy O'Dell says an emotional goodbye to Entertainment Tonight after 9 years. What could make the longtime host live the show after almost a decade?

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Nancy O'Dell is leaving ET

Nancy O'Dell won fans’ hearts as a host of one of the most successful entertaining shows on American television – ET.

Nancy started hosting Entertainment Tonight in 2009. What could make her quit the show after long happy 9 years?

O’Dell explained that her decision related to her desire to spend more time with her daughter. As the work on ET took most of her time, Nancy often had to choose between home and career.

The host added she was not going to quit from the entertainment industry forever:

It's not goodbye, but rather just turning the page to the next chapter.

Nancy expressed her gratitude to the best team she worked with during all these years. She also took a moment to say thanks to her former agent John Ferriter, who assisted her in getting the job on ET.

She said:

I’m proud to have this show as part of my story.

Fans’ comments

Of course, we’ll miss talented Nancy O’Dell in the show. But still, we wish the beloved host to find happiness in her new life chapter.