Oops! Melania Trump Suffered Outfit Failure When Forgot To Wear A Symbolic Ribbon At The Red Ribbon Rally

October 8, 2019 16:20

From time to time, we all have fashion failures. First Lady Melania Trump’s latest public appearance turned into a fashion disaster due to one tiny detail, which couldn’t remain unnoticed by fans and critics.

Fashion fail

On Monday, Melania Trump attended the Red Ribbon Rally in Virginia as a part of the campaign against drug use.

During the event, FLOTUS delivered a powerful speech about the importance to raise awareness about the problem among the younger generation. Mrs. Trump was joined by Breaking Bad star Dean Norris.

For the meeting, Melania wore a stylish sleeveless black dress accentuated her slim modeling figure.

However, Melania’s outing appeared to be a real ‘fashion failure’ according to fans and critics. The matter was that FLOTUS didn’t wear a red ribbon, a symbol of the organization.

Later, First Lady’s rep explained that Melania didn’t receive a pin with the red ribbon in advance.

Fans’ comments

Well, we won’t judge Mrs. Trump so strictly. Yes, she forgot to wear a signature red ribbon that night. But, on the other hand, Melania was more focused on her powerful speech and the problem of drug abuse in general.

So, let’s forgive Melania for this tiny fashion misstep. After all, we all are just humans!