Mario Lopez Posts Health Update After He Tore His Biceps While Sparring: "Evidently, I’m Not 25 Years Old Anymore"

September 19, 2019 16:17

While staying active is good for the body, overdoing it can lead to injuries. And Mario Lopez, who tore his biceps very recently, knows what that's like.

A bicep refers to the muscle in front of your upper arm that makes it possible for you to bend your elbows and twist your forearms. When biceps tear, it means one of the tendons is damaged and detached from the bone.

This can be quite painful and uncomfortable but Mario is dealing with his injury like a champ.

The TV host kept his fans updated following the torn biceps injury he suffered while sparring. In the caption, he confessed:

Evidently, I’m not 25yrs old anymore...

He then wrote that he probably needs to consider taking things down a notch and assured his fans that surgery was a success.

In one of the posts he shared, Lopez was captured lying in a hospital bed. But to show he was alright, he gave the camera a thumbs-up even though his right hand was bandaged after surgery.

Fans of the famous TV personality have shown their support by sharing comments on his social media page.

@pberg44 wrote, "Never stop!" while @kingfrankiedelgado assured Mario that:

You coming back better than ever.

@brodyjenner wished him a "speedy recovery" and @lewishowes wanted Mario to "get better soon."

Injuries like this can be a little scary sometimes, but Mario's fans get to see that everything is going well and his surgery went perfectly. Let's hope he gets back on his feet in no time.