Sassy Diva! Holly Willoughby Radiates Confidence And Class In Edgy Leather Skirt And Bright Shoes, Gaining Approval From Fans

October 9, 2019 17:27

Will you like to try something fashionably trendy without going too crazy and over-the-top? Asymmetrical skirts just may be your very best bet.

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has been a fan of this look for a while now. While these are not much different from regulars skirts, the asymmetric detail helps bring some dynamism and an extra spiciness to any look.

One great thing about it that there are various options out there if you want to give this a try. And no matter your body type, you're guaranteed to find something that suits you perfectly in similar styles.

A leather skirt

If you're a fan of leather clothing, Holly has a fashion inspiration for you.

The TV presenter recently shared a picture of herself rocking a black leather skirt which she paired with a white blouse but she added a special twist to this workwear classic.

Rather than a regular skirt, she went for one that boasted an asymmetrical hemline, large pocket, and some white stitch detailing.

Her bright-colored pair of heels perfectly matched her outfit and her short blond hair completed the chic ensemble.

Holly sure knows what to wear and how to wear it. And this look is one that anyone can easily recreate.

Fans approve

If the ITV presenter was in any doubt that her outfit worked for her then she must have been thrilled with the comments that followed her post.


Gorgeous outfit holly.




Holly looks really smart.


Always looking beautiful and elegant.

Holly sure did a fantastic job of combining these different fashion details. Will you be trying a version of this look?