60-Year-Old Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Her Perfect Body In A Figure-Hugging Red Dress And Fans Can't Stop Dropping Compliments

September 10, 2019

Rian Johnson's Agatha Christie-inspired mystery movie 'Knives Out' recently had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

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Some of the casts from the movie including Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, and Chris Evans were there to celebrate this milestone event.

For the special occasion, 60-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis absolutely brought her A-game on the red carpet. She went with a stunning calf-length red dress that featured long sleeves and a simple neckline.

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The actress paired this with a more understated black pair of shoes and as usual, her bright hair brought the look together quite nicely.

While posting pictures from the event on her Instagram, Curtis praised the brains behind the movie Rian Johnson and also the production crew. And referring to her outfit, she said: "Oh this old thing???"

Fans absolutely loved Curtis' look on the red carpet. And it helped that the colors she chose blended to the background in a lovely way.

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@reub_w did not just praise the star's appearance but also her talents:

Jamie your a beautiful woman, from classic Halloween to the modern day one. You’re a top rate actress. Keep going strong.

@jennikki37 couldn't help but comment, "beautiful," while @drewptasth wrote, "always so lovely." @bojogirl1 gave compliments as well:

A beauty inside and out.

Perhaps it was her style, the confidence she exuded, how talented she is, or maybe even all of the above, whatever it was, Curtis had people applauding and she surely pleased her fans too.