Miranda Lambert Is Struggling To Avoid Her Old Mistakes With Blake Shelton In Her New Marriage, But Works Hard On Being Together More

August 5, 2019 11:04

Any expert will tell you that if you want a new relationship to last, you must understand the mistakes of the past ones and try not to repeat them. This is an advice that Miranda Lambert is taking close to heart.

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Miranda and Blake's split

For a long time, country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's marriage seemed like a match made in heaven. The talented duo looked super cute and happy together. Unfortunately, their love story came crashing to a halt in 2015 when they split.

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Since then, Blake has moved on with singer Gwen Stefani and Miranda has found love as well.

Avoiding the same mistakes

Miranda Lambert may be starting over with a new man Brendan McLoughlin but she isn't about to forget everything she learned from her past relationship.

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According to HollywoodLife, the country singer is making sure she doesn't make the same mistakes that she did when she was married to Blake. One way she's doing that is to ensure she spends as much time with Brendan as possible.

Even though the pair have different schedules, they are both determined to make time with each other a priority, which was something that was lacking in her marriage to Blake.

The reports claimed that Brendan, who is an NYPD cop, took a leave of absence from his job so he could go on tour with Miranda which was something he had no problems with.

Considering that many of her issues with her past marriage stemmed from having so much time apart, she's making sure to do things differently this time.

Another way this marriage Is different from her former is that Miranda now gets to take control of things. It was reported that she loves being the breadwinner and doing things that make her happy. This wasn't something she had with Blake as they were both equally successful.

Happily married

In February 2019, Miranda surprised fans with the news that she and Brendan had gotten married.

While sharing photos of the both of them looking blissfully happy, she described her new husband as the love of her life adding that, "my heart is full."

Miranda and Blake might not have been meant to be, but they have each moved on with different people and seem happy overall.