Kate Middleton Isn’t Reportedly The Star Mom At Kids’ School As Dads Drool Over The Other Hot Mom: “No One Really Gives Kate A Second Glance!”

September 19, 2019

We always look forward to when the royal kids begin school, and Princess Charlotte was no exception.

The four-year-old royal joined her brother, Prince George, at Thomas’s Battersea for her first year of reception on September 5.

She was accompanied by her parents, Prince William, and Kate for her first day at the prestigious private school.

The only daughter of the Cambridges looked adorable in her uniform, and we couldn’t get our eyes off the cute unicorn amulet attached to her backpack.

Not the star mom

With the future queen as a mom in the school, one would assume that she is the focus of all the parents. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

According to an anonymous parent at the school, Kate isn’t the one who turns heads whenever she drops off her kids. Instead, a hot model is the one who has all the fathers drooling.

“No one really gives Kate a second glance when she does the school drop-off. We have a Victoria’s Secret model doing the school run, too, and the dads are far more interested in her!”

Some internet users were not surprised by that revelation as they believed a model would always trump a duchess.

@Franki Danielle Belt wrote:

"A model will beat a duchess every time for men, true!"

Some, however, couldn’t buy the idea that a model upstaged the future queen.

@Mihaela Comanelea gushed:

"Beautiful lady."

@Carolyn Matthews wondered:

"Another mum upstaging Kate is kind of hard to believe. Wow, future Queen."

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Thomas’s Battersea school

According to reports, the royal kids’ school runs quite the curriculum. They focus on arts, sports, and encouraging kids to engage in outdoor activities alongside academics.

The private school costs roughly £6,110 per term, and their classes are of mixed intellectual abilities. Also, there is an equal number of boys and girls in each class.

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Surprisingly, the future Queen of England isn’t the hotshot at her kids’ school. We guess being a model does it better!