“She Made Her Bed:” Internet Users Show No Sympathy To Melania Trump Who Is Reportedly “Very, Very Unhappy With Her Life”

August 14, 2019 17:36

It is no news that First Couple Melania and Donald Trump don’t have the warmest of relationships.

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Over the years, the first lady has been photographed during numerous outings staring bitterly at her husband or refusing to hold his hand.

While it might be just a coincidence that the cameras caught them at such an awkward moment, many internet users have taken Melania’s body language as a call for rescue.

As a result, the campaign #FreeMelania trended on Twitter with many asking the first lady to make a signal if she’s trapped in her marriage.

Unhappy Melania

While the campaign might be a joke, a source close to the first family claims there is a shred a truth in it!

A source revealed to US Weekly that Melania is an independent woman much more than the world gives her credit for. However, that self-sufficiency stems from not wanting to be around her husband.

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According to the anonymous source, Melania is not living her best life with President Donald Trump, as she is terrified by the public’s evaluation of their marriage. The insider said:

“She is very, very unhappy with her life. If she could, she would get away from Donald and just be with her son.”

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The spokesperson for the first lady tells the publication that Melania is focused on being a mom and championing worthy projects.

Internet users don’t care

While it is a sad thing for a woman to be trapped in an unhappy marriage, netizens don’t seem moved by Melania’s plight. Many have accused her of knowing what she bargained for when she married Donald Trump.

A user, @amy4sanity wrote:

"I don't care. She made her bed. And she's a birther too. And she can leave him. AND I am very unhappy too with my country right now. Does SHE care about us?"

No one deserves to live an unhappy life. Hopefully, things become better in their marriage!