“This Is So Crazy!” Kim Kardashian’s Security Detail Tackled Mom Kris Jenner And Lands Her In The Hospital

September 19, 2019

With every new season of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ comes more drama and its current season is no exception.

From a preview clip released for Sunday’s episode of the reality series, the famous family saw their mom on the brink of a health crisis.

It happened that Kim got a call telling her that 911 was called to the house; on getting there, Kris was seen lying on a stretcher with the medical team taking her away.

Kim cried out in a scream as she couldn’t believe her eyes.

The truth unveiled

As seen in a clip from 'KUWTK' on YouTube, Kris’ health crisis was caused by Kim’s security detail. It happened that they tackled the momager when she was at Kim’s home in Hidden Hills.

Khloe, who was present at the time of the altercation, recounted it to Kim over the phone.

"I told her to go around to the front entrance. And they just tackled her."

Kris, who was in the background can be heard yelling, “my neck!” from the exclusive clip obtained by the outlet.

Fans react

@Sonya Johnson prayed:

"I hope the mom is ok!!

Alexis Barserian joked:

“They probably barely touched her and she “fell” to the ground 🙄. She wasn’t tackled. lmao😂”

@Jamar Marshall cautioned:

“That’s no way to treat a lady.”

Our prayers are with Kris and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan. We hope all goes well.