Rod Stewart's Wife Penny Lancaster Recalls Painful Childhood Memories From School: “People Picked On Me For Being Too Smart”

September 6, 2019

Penny Lancaster might be the envy of women because of her glamorous relationship with British singer Rod Stewart.

However, her childhood was far from pretty as she was a victim of bullying. Luckily, she was able to find solace in her mom, who kept her going.

Whenever the bullying experience reduced her self-esteem, her mother kept encouraging her to believe in herself and never change to believe in herself.

Luckily, she held on to those words and that shaped her to become the phenomenal woman that she is today!

Penny’s bad childhood memories

While campaigning for Anti-Bullying Pupil Ambassadors for The Diana Award charity, the showtime host appeared on Lorraine and shared her experience with bullying back in senior school.

She explained that people experience bullying because they are different from the rest. Sharing her experience, she said:

"For me, I was not just taller than the girls. I was taller than all the boys. My hair was always slicked back very neatly because I did ballet at the time, people picked on me for being too smart, too tall, I spoke nicely, and I didn't want to swear, so I was picked on from that."

It got so bad that on one day while walking from school, a boy rammed his bike into her legs. She shared an emotional video of her experience on Instagram to raise awareness for the campaign.

Fans react

Many internet users sympathized with Penny for experiencing such a horrible fate at the hands of her bullies.

@deblew10 wrote:

“Penny you have hopefully shamed those bullies. You are successful, beautiful in and out, and you have achieved so much, let's keep talking about these issues to stamp it out. I too was bullied, as was my son, it's heartbreaking but let's hope these nasty people realise what they are doing and feel some shame for their actions during their life ❤️ x.”

@claremason4 commented:

“❤️❤️so so important you share this - I was bullied, and I am praying this won’t happen to our daughter - it’s good you raise awareness about bully xx.”

@joannemurray645 added:

So sad to hear your story, Penny. You have had the last laugh tho my love as you have a beautiful life and a husband who adores you, not to mention your 2 gorgeous sons. All these things didn’t happen by accident. Love and kindness attract love and kindness, so that’s why. People who choose to bully others have the problem themselves. They’re cowards who can’t face their own problems or don’t know how to. More to be pitied really. You seem a wonderful, warm Lady. An inspiration to us middle-aged Mums 🤪🙈xx.”

It’s unfortunate that Penny had to suffer at the hands of bullies. However, it is great that she is using her painful story to create a change.

Bullying is a menace that has to end. No one deserves to be treated in such a despicable manner.