'Strictly' Judge Shirley Ballas Set To Get Rid Of Her Breast Implants Following An Alarming Number Diagnoses In Her Family

September 30, 2019

Cancer has for long put fear in the hearts of many. According to statistics, a third to half the general population in the United States and the United Kingdom say they fear cancer more than any other disease.

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Research has shown that the enormous amount of fear being experienced, hinders people from seeking help or properly screening for cancer.

However, for some, fear motivates them to take actions to better their health. 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge Shirley Ballas is one of the latter.

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Shirley is set to go under the knife

As reported by The Sun, Shirley is set to take some days off work and undergo surgery to remove her breast implants.

Her decision to remove them comes from the fear of the alarming number of diagnoses in her family.

Both Shirley's mom and her aunt both have cancer. She also lost one her aunties to cancer.

After going for a mammogram, she received a warning and decided she had to take steps to preserve her health.

Recounting what the mammogram technician said to her, Shirley says she was told "there's no guarantee that we can ever really see behind the back of the implants."

According to Mayo Clinic, the Food and Drug Administration believes there is a correlation between breast implants and the development of breast-implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

BIA-ALCL is an uncommon cancer of the immune system.

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Hence, it comes as no surprise that Shirley has fears about her health. We hope all is well with her health in the end.