“How’s Captain Bone Spur?” First Lady Melania Trump Is Trolled On Twitter For Her Purple Heart Day Message

August 12, 2019 11:22

With the sacrifices of many brave soldiers still fresh in the minds of Americans, the Presidency is getting attacked for another faux pas. This time, it is something from the past.

The presidential Purple Heart Day message

In an official statement released by the White House, President Trump recognized the sacrifices of thousands of families and military men and women in combat.

Tracing the origin of the Purple Heart — a highest military award given to those injured in combat or post-humously to those who lost their lives — President Donald Trump called the medal a “symbol of the solemn price of our Nation’s liberty and peace.”

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He ended the note by thanking the military men and women for their devotion to the country.

Melania Trump’s message

Toeing the same line as her husband, First Lady Melania Trump put out a message to commemorate the day through her official Twitter handle.

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She thanked the soldiers for their sacrifice and noted that the special day was a reminder of their sacrifices.

Internet users outraged

A lot of people were incensed by this seemingly innocent message.

In the early 1960s, young Donald Trump was in his 20s, but he had five military deferments during the war. Four were for education, and one was based on a bone spur diagnosis.

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Last year, the doctor who had signed off on this, admitted that it had been a ‘favour’ to Trump’s father, Fred Trump.

As a result, most Twitter users came for Melania and alluded to the ‘bone spurs’ condition. Below are some of their comments:

The first lady had to take the fall for her husband's past!