Sibling Love: Gary Oldman Shares Sweet Photo Of His Older Sister, Who Is Also An Actress, On Her 74th Birthday

August 2, 2019 16:57

You probably didn’t know that Oscar-winning Gary Oldman had an older sister but what will shock you more is that she is equally an actress, a successful one at that.

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Her stage name is Laila Morse, though she was christened ‘Maureen Oldman’ at birth. She is best known as Big Mo on the hit British show, ‘EastEnders.’

Starring in the show from 2000-2016, she is loved by many for her wonderful acting.

Happy birthday Mo!

A lovely photo of the celebrity siblings was shared on Gary and his wife Gisele’s joint Instagram account.

The heart-warming black-and-white had the pair in a warm embrace with Laila’s arms on Gary’s shoulder. We couldn’t ignore the massive grin on their faces!

The caption wished ‘Big Mo’ a happy birthday.

An old family picture was also stacked along with the birthday photo. How awesome it is for siblings to both be successful without bad blood!

Fans are loving it!

Fans were quite appreciative of the beautiful photo and wished Laila well.

“Happy birthday Laila hope it’s a fabulous one! Great photo xx.”

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“Lovely pic, bro and sis Xx.”

“Happy birthday Laila, you are so so so loved.”

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We wish Laila a beautiful year ahead as well and hope these celebrity siblings keep winning!