Megan Fox Posts Fun Photo Of Her Sons At Disneyland And People Are Wondering Why They All Look Like Girls

October 14, 2019

Megan Fox is a mom that's determined to stand by her child regardless of what people say.

A few weeks ago, the 33-year-old actress opened up about her son Noah's desire to wear dresses. Speaking on CBS's The Talk, Megan said that the 6-year-old boy loves to dress himself and enjoys wearing dresses.

Megan revealed that her son has often been told by friends that "boys don't wear dresses" but she is working on teaching him to be confident regardless of what people say.

Megan and her kids at Disneyland

Many celebrity moms have been known to share virtually every moment of their kids' life but Megan Fox prefers to keep things a little more lowkey.

Recently, the mother of three shared a rare snap of herself and husband Brian Austin Green with their sons Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

The family had a blast at Disneyland and the kids were seen rocking some Halloween-themed costumes. In one snap, Noah had on a pink hair and witch's hat while three-year-old Journey looked beyond adorable in a red and yellow dragon suit.

In the caption, Megan jokingly lamented the relatable difficulty of getting her children to take at least one decent photo.

Halloween at @disneyland is always the most fun but can I get ONE family photo where everyone is looking at the camera and making a semi normal face ?? #disneyland.

Megan is notoriously private when it comes to her family. Interestingly enough, the last picture she posted that featured her kids was during last year's Halloween.

Boys resemble girls

This set of photos made some of Megan's fans uncomfortable as they dropped comments about all three boys looking like girls in the snaps.

@sarah_baqer opined that this could be because Megan would have preferred to be a mom of daughters.

I think she really wants them to be girls tho...

@realtorkate_ automatically assumed her son was a girl:

Omg her daughter looks just like mommy.

@paolacanales58 made a similar assumption:

The little girl with her open mouth in all photos is so adorable and fun all family is so beautiful.

@kris2842 commented:

Why your boys look like girls? This is not normal.

Regardless of what gender the kids look like, we can all agree that they all look really cute as they enjoy this fun family outing with their parents.

As celebs, being criticized for parenting choices comes with the territory, unfortunately. And what moms like Megan can do is to simply soldier on and continue making decisions they feel is the best interest of their children.

Famous or not, standing by your kid regardless of negative feedback is something all parents have to do.