Hilaria Baldwin Defends Herself After Being Slammed For Announcing Pregnancy Too Early Following A Recent Miscarriage

September 20, 2019

Hilaria Baldwin has been receiving a lot of heat lately over some of her parenting decisions.

In April, Hilaria shared a post on Instagram where she confirmed that she suffered a miscarriage during her fifth pregnancy. At the time, she appreciated the support of her fans and those who were brave enough to share their own stories of pregnancy loss.

The author and yoga instructor revealed to her Instagram followers that there was "no heartbeat" during her scan but she has now chosen to keep moving forward saying she's fortunate to be surrounded by love.

Recently, the wife of Alec Baldwin took to social media once again to announced that she's pregnant just five months after the miscarriage.

While some people congratulated her, others criticized her for confirming her pregnancy in its very early stages especially considering she recently had a miscarriage.

Responding to one commenter who pointed out that it wasn't a smart idea to reveal her pregnancy so early, Hilaria defended herself via her Instagram Stories saying that she wanted to take her story into her own hands.

Secrets are only interesting when they are secrets. Reports of my belly growing or my appearance changing spark rumors. … I hope this makes sense.

So, to avoid the rumors and speculations, Hilaria felt it was better to simply come out with the truth.

Despite her explanations, some people still criticized her for her choice to have a fifth child considering her husband's age. Hilaria and the 61-year-old actor are already parents to Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo.

@fashionluva84 wrote:

Are you serious? You are pregnant again? congratulations, however this is five children in seven years. Are you the new Duggar’s?

@scorpio.rayn wanted to know:

Why so many?? Especially when papa will be in his late 70s & 80s when they're all grown?? I'm thinking he'd like to relax & be in peace in his golden years. He must really love you to give you what you want. I guess I don't see the purpose. Sad they won't have their dad later in life.

@goodwineileen said:

Enough is enough! Children have a hard enough time in this world today, let alone their father being in his 70's when they are teenagers! Ugh!

And @taylorcystal wrote:

She's unwell. There's something neurotic about the urge to share a miscarriage posing in nice underwear while it's happening, to 'help remove the stigma', it's almost unthinkable to not have a natural instinct of privacy at this time. And all the posts about privacy- please lady, I don't think I've ever seen a paparazzi shot of her she didn't instigate or post herself!

People can sometimes make choices other's don't agree with, but it doesn't necessarily mean they are bad choices. Hilaria and her family seem happy and they appear to be doing what's right for them. Let's hope the pregnancy goes smoothly this time around.