Marie Osmond’s Brother, Merrill Speaks About Feeling Depressed And Thoughts Of Taking His Life But He Found Strength To Move On

October 9, 2019 13:19

The lead singer of the Osmonds family band, Merrill appeared to have it all. But behind the scenes, he battled depression and came close to taking his own life as a teenager.

The dangers of depression

Depression can have serious consequences if it is left untreated. If nothing is done to tackle it, every aspect of one’s life can be affected resulting in long-term damages sometimes.

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Fortunately, depression is treatable. Getting help can prevent further complications such as taking one’s life, addiction, bad behavior, health issues, etc.

Merrill Osmond's battle with depression

In the early 1970s, The Osmonds were the biggest pop band in the world. By the time Merrill was 16, he started to battle depression at the height of his fame leading the family’s band.

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Now, the singer speaking to Mirror opens up on how he came close to taking his own life:

I had a knife and I didn’t want to live because I had no hope. I picked it up and walked out. The only thing that stopped me taking my life was a miraculous wind that came out of nowhere and almost blew me over.

Years later, the brother to Donny and Marie was confirmed to be suffering from anxiety and depression by a psychologist. Finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 30, Merrill was able to find strength and battled depression.

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He sought help over the years, including testosterone treatment and several talking therapies. Though he receives counseling once a month, the singer has created his own method of coping.

What works best for me is talking internally to myself. I know how to shut down the engine. I know how to go to each part of my body and talk to it and slow it down. I know that might sound crazy, but I’ve had to go inside myself to conquer what’s going on.

How to deal with depression

Depression is a serious medical illness that should not be taken lightly. Dealing with it may vary from person to person. It often includes building a support network and reducing stress. Learning how to stop negative thoughts is also a great way to ease depression for some people.

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Merrill Osmond is proof that battling depression doesn't mean you have to give up. Sometimes, you just have to find the strength to move on and shine.