African Adventure: Penny Lancaster And Rod Stewart Enjoy The Vacation Of A Lifetime In Tanzania Alongside Their Chilren

October 22, 2019

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart have started the vacation of a lifetime in Tanzania.

The former model, 48, and the 74-year-old singer have been exploring the Serengeti from the comfort of the luxurious Mwiba Lodge, set in a private 51,000-acre wildlife reserve.

Rod Stewart's family vacation

The lovely couple shared their amazing holiday photos via Penny's Instagram account. The photos show the entire family including Rod Stewart's children - Aiden, 8 and Alastair, 13 - enjoying their hot vacation, learning local customs and getting to know more about the exclusive environment.

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart chose a luxury five-star lodge for their holidays that gives guests the opportunity to see wildlife as well as cultural experiences, giving you access to 4 different Tanzanian tribal communities. There is a spa and swimming pool on-site and prices for a double room with an all-inclusive stay are in the $1,000 to $1,250 range per person in low season.

The couple went on safari and shared their amazing experience as they faced a giant elephant in its natural habitat.

‘This elephant is know by the locals as One & a half for his shorter left tusk. He is one of the more elderly of the herd and therefore not in contention for breading so is free to wonder far from the herd. #mwibalodge #tanzania’,

- she wrote.

Sir Rod apparently deserves to enjoying every moment of his family vacation after receiving the all-clear from prostate cancer in July following a secret three-year battle with the disease.

People's reaction

People love to see the couple having time together, with one saying,

"Hot legs rod. Glad you all having great time"

Another person added:

"Have a wonderful adventure together - you always look such a contented happy couple"

A third one noted:

"Wow I truly wish I could do that it looks amazing 🌸💖🌸"

We can't be happier to know that the family is thriving and spend time together in such a great place as Tanzania. They will surely come back home recharged and full of vital energy to continue their work.

May they have the happiest time during their incredible African adventure!

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