Kids Need Their Father: Brad Pitt Addressed His Ex Angelina Jolie To Let Him Finally See His Estranged Son Maddox, According To Reports

October 10, 2019 16:41

Brad Pitt is doing the best he can to improve his relationship with his kids, especially with his estranged son Maddox, after he divorced their mother Angelina Jolie. According to reports, Brad had a serious conversation with Angelina so that she allowed him bonding with Maddox who is now in a college.

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I want to see my son!

When parents separate, their kids are the ones who suffer most. The iconic Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie called it quits in 2016. The couple shares 3 biological and 3 adopted children.

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After a lasting custody battle, Brad and Angelina seemed to reach an agreement that both parents should participate in their kids’ lives. However, Brad’s relationship with his eldest son Maddox still remains tense.

Maddox is now a college student. Jolie can’t stop gushing how proud she is of her son’s achievements as she dropped him to the college in South Korea. But Brad still hasn’t seen his estranged son since that time.

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According to US Magazine, Pitt had a conversation with Jolie about visiting Maddox in Seoul.

The source reported:

Angelina has been trying to heal the rift between father and son. Maddox hasn’t been receptive.

A source close to the family explained:

Maddox doesn't really see himself as Brad's son.

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Fans’ comments

@ Jacki Brownhill

He's Angie's child before brad .her pride and joy ..and always will be

@ Heather Lee Gaskell

Maddox is old enough to form his own opinions of the situation. Whatever happens is a personal protection response. If, he doesn’t have expectations he will be less disappointed when things go wrong. It’s Brads job to change the situation.

@ Karen Ven John

It's really sad that he and Brad seem estranged. Not sure what really happened, but I believe Angie made it out to be way more than it was, and have read she has tried to keep the kids from Brad.

@ Dina Cestone

Perfect example of how mom poisoned child against dad. She could have nipped this in the bud but it didn’t fit her narrative at the time. I feel badly for Brad Pitt.

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We wish Brad Pitt to find the key to his son’s heart. A father-son bond means a lot! Hopefully, Maddox will soon understand it too.