Bride Furious After Pregnant Sister-In-Law Schedules Her C-Section On The Same Day As The Wedding: "You've Stolen My Day And My Excitement!"

September 3, 2019

A wedding is one of the biggest events in a person's life. People look forward to this day as a celebration of love and commitment. Women dream of being in the spotlight and enjoying the adoration of guests.

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This is why every bride and groom try to plan their special day down to the smallest details. And it can be devastating when things go wrong.

A SIL-Zilla

We all know that the term bridezilla is used to describe a bride who becomes so obsessed with having the perfect wedding that she sometimes goes to the extreme. But what happens when the bride is the reasonable one and the sister-in-law-to-be is the one trying to cause trouble.

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One bride expressed her heartbreak on Reddit as she narrated the story of how the groom's pregnant sister tried to upset her before and during the wedding. The poster said that she initially picked her wedding shower date and sent out invites for May 19th.

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Then two weeks before the event, the sister-in-law scheduled her baby shower for the same date. This meant that her husband's relatives, who had previously RSVP'd to the wedding shower, had to cancel to attend the baby shower. But that wasn't all. The bride wrote:

SIL showed up at my shower in the last hour wearing a white dress, a tiara, and a pink satin sash over her chest.

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The sister-in-law still had more surprises in store. After the couple had picked June 8th as their wedding day and paid for the hall, church, etc, the groom's sister came a week before the date to announce that she had scheduled her c-section for June 8th too.

The poster said her baby wasn't ill or at risk so she could have chosen any other day to have her surgery. The groom's family said that if they had to choose, they would attend the birth of the baby over the wedding.

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Before the wedding, the sister-in-law approached the bride to ask if she was upset about the scheduling. The bride said that at this point, she was so angry that she went off on her:

Basically, this is what I said, "yeah, I'm upset. I'm mad. You stole the day of my wedding shower and now you're stealing my wedding day...You've stolen my day and the excitement.

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The groom's sister did deliver a healthy baby girl but since the whole drama, the bride had not been to see the child. She said in her post that she was still hurt about SIL's behavior.

Planning a wedding

Preparing for a wedding can be a major undertaking. According to The Knot, ensure you pay close attention to the guests, pick a wedding date that won't conflict with other big events, consider the weather and carefully organize every aspect.

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Be sure to ask for help too. It's nice to have support especially if things go wrong.

Hopefully, you'll have a better wedding experience than the one shared by this bride above.