'The Sound Of Music' Star Julie Andrews Says She "Went Into Depression" After She Lost Her Singing Voice: "It Felt Like I’d Lost My Identity"

October 3, 2019

Losing the very thing that made you one of the most celebrated people in the world can be very hard to deal with.

Julie Andrews is an actress, singer, and author who has been an entertainer since she was a child. She starred in Broadway musicals like My Fair Lady, and Camelot.

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Then in 1965, she made her feature film debut in The Sound of Music, a role which won her a Golden Globe award.

Losing her singing voice

Julie entered the entertainment industry as a singer from a very young age and for several years, this was her major talent. Unfortunately, music was no longer an option after she lost her singing voice in 1997.

In an issue of AARP The Magazine, the Britsh star opened up about how that loss impacted her.

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She had just undergone surgery to remove a cyst from her vocal cord and by the time she woke up, her singing voice was gone.

I went into a depression. It felt like I’d lost my identity.

She realized her voice was hoarse during a Broadway show not long after that initial surgery so she underwent another procedure to take out what she believed were "non-cancerous" nodules from her throat. She suffered permanent damage that destroyed her soprano singing voice.

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In 1999. she took legal actions against the doctors, accusing them of malpractice. The lawsuit was settled in 2000.

The good news is that despite being "devastated", Julie was able to pick herself up and find other passions. She told People in 2015 that she was in denial for a long time but she felt she "had to something."

Julie turned to writing and has now penned dozens of books and dove deeper into her skills as an actress.

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She said that is she had not lost her voice, she might not have discovered this side of her:

I would never have written this number of books. I would never have discovered that pleasure."

She added:

I thought at the time [of the surgery] my voice was what I am. But it seems it’s not all that I am.

Julie in action

The actress may have said goodbye to her singing career but she has made such a big impact in that world that people still celebrate her incredible talent.

Videos of her in action have continued to receive accolades from die-hard fans.

Julie Andrews is proof that a setback doesn't automatically mean you have to give up. Sometimes, you just have to find a different way to shine.