Johnny Cash’s Bad Boy Image And Battle With Addiction Never Hampered His Faith: “He Was A Very Committed Follower Of Jesus.”

September 2, 2019 12:51

Johnny Cash ruled the world with his talent. But like most men in the spotlight, he suffered addiction, which made many question his faith.

Johnny married the famous June Carter in 1968, and their union made everyone eager to fall in love.

However, the truth was that their union wasn’t all that it looked like.

As revealed by their son, their 35-year-marriage was plagued with the usual Hollywood demon of substances.

John Carter disclosed that both of his parents were active junkies as they both struggled with addiction.

Regardless of how that might sound, Pastor Greg Laurie reveals that Cash remained devoted to his faith amid his weakness.

Hollywood saint

In Laurie’s book, ‘Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon,’ he dished about how Cash’s bad-boy reputation didn’t hinder his faith. Laurie said:

“He has this bad boy image, this outlaw image, and that was true. But yet, deep down inside, Johnny was a very committed follower of Jesus Christ.”

He explained that the singer was raised in a Christian home and that although he had lapses in his belief, he always returned.

However, Laurie believes that June had a considerable role to play because of her strong faith.

The author pointed out that Johnny didn’t die of an overdose like other rock artists, and that was because “he knew to turn to the Lord when he was in trouble.”

Laurie said:

“Sinner thought he was a saint; saints thought he was a sinner. The reality was he was both.”

Helping someone with an addiction

Battling an addiction doesn’t only affect the individual but their loved ones. If you know an addicted person and you’re wondering how to help, here are some tips:

  • establish trust;
  • don’t ignore your well-being in the process;

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  • always communicate

Johnny’s battles with addiction sure took a significant toll on him, but it is wonderful that he had something to hold on to through those tough times.